Unforgettable Experience at Exhibition: Mujahid

Mujahid Beg, student from the second batch recently participated in an exhibition at Pune. Today, in the English Class, he very happily shared his experience with 3rd Batch students.

He proudly stated that in this exhibition he tried to communicate with affluent buyers in English and they seemed to be impressed with his communication skills. His buyers were equally surprised to see and hear a weaver speak in English. He observed increase in sales with special applause coming from a customer “Mr. Dutta”. Mr. Dutta told Mujahid that he will again come to this exhibition next year and he expects that Mujahid will be a absolutely¬†fluent English speaker by then. Mujahid earned a profit of Rs. 12,000 for himself in the week long exhibition.

Mujahid has formal education till class 8th.

Mujahid 2nd Batch Student 2457