Host Internship

By redefining roles and creating new opportunities, we can imagine a shift in the hierarchy of the handloom industry, away from a dying feudal model and towards a new, more democratic one.

As young weavers gain greater exposure to education and technology, we believe that they will begin to leverage technology for creative collaboration and to seize new opportunities for work. They will know how to become more self-generative and collectively responsive toward building intellectual capital and investing in a future of sustainable community development.

While The Handloom School will train and educate these young weavers in business, design and IT Skills in the classroom, their understanding and ability to apply this knowledge will be enhanced though participatory projects with  handloom textile organizations.

With this in mind, we invite all quality institutions and organizations involved in any handloom related textile activities to host students as interns.

Internship duration would be for 2 Weeks. The host organization can submit a proposal detailing the activities and responsibilities of the intern.

Each internship host organization can sponsor 2 students. The internship Form can be downloaded from here

Completed forms can be sent to