Saruparam Jaipal

Suraparam finalFather’s Name: Bechararam Jaipal.

 Age:31 years.

Native Place: Jalore, Rajasthan.

Education level: 8th Pass

Fibres: Cotton and Wool

Added Value Skills: Hand Inserted designs

Sponsoring Organization: RangaSutra


When Sarup was in the Eighth Standard, his father, the only earning member of the family, fell ill.  Sarup left his studies and became the first weaver in his family, taught by his maternal uncle.  He weaves on a 4 shaft loom and specializes in woolen shawls and cotton kurta fabric. He is extremely good at incorporating “Kashida” (weaving with an additional weft) on his fabric.

He is a good planner and business organizer. The late Sanjoy Ghosh of Urmul Trust, his sponsor organization, is his inspiration for doing something great in life.