Jitendra: Tips to Young Weavers

Tips to Young Weavers for becoming successful weaver entrepreneurs

The Handloom School is a “gurukul” for young weavers which witnesses congregation of connoisseur’s of handloom as faculty and mentor’s. This week was no different.
Jitendra Kumar, founder of Loom to Luxury, came all the way from Varanasi to share his experience of building Loom to Luxury from scratch with third batch students. He undoubtedly delivered a startling session rooted in fundamentals.

The Handloom School-Jitendra's session

Jitendra touched upon 2 fundamental and important elements which he feels can make or mar any budding handloom enterprise.
He gave students an interesting exercise. He drew “zero” on the board and asked students to redraw “zero” in shortest possible time with accuracy.
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None of the students could draw “zero” similar to the one drawn by Jitendra
Jitendra very intuitively brought concepts of time and quality management through this exercise. He highlighted the importance of building systems and processes to define and structure any complicated task. He helped them draw similar ‘zero’s’  by use of  graph, which he said is one kind of system to maintain quality consistency.
He shared with students that for managing any handloom business its important to manage time and quality properly.
Its easier said than done and therefore students should hencforth develop an ability to create and save files of all important information in defined formats.
A short unedited clip from his class. Thank you Jitendra.