Getting ready to host 3rd Batch


Young weavers from Bhuj and Gondal (Gujarat), Badmer (Rajasthan), Kajdoh (Chattishgarh) and Maheshwar (Madhya Pradesh) will be part of the cohort constituting 3rd Batch of The Handloom School starting 16th December.

These talented young weavers will stay and learn together at The Handloom School for a period of 5.5 months. It will be an amazing congregation of silk, wool, khadi,  and cotton weavers having worked on looms ranging from 2,4 and 6 shafts.

Students will undergo basic courses on design, barefoot business management, spoken English and use of IT tools for business during first 6 weeks. Thereafter these students will participate in 3 months long Entrepreneurship Simulation Game (ESG) wherein they will form and run a handloom micro-enterprise under simulated conditions. Students will also participate in Buyer-Seller Meet at Mumbai in March and WomenWeave’s Delhi Exhibition in April.

The Handloom School team is working tirelessly to set the looms up and running for the initial sampling exercise, before students arrive.