Jitendra: Tips to Young Weavers

Tips to Young Weavers for becoming successful weaver entrepreneurs The Handloom School is a “gurukul” for young weavers which witnesses congregation of connoisseur’s of handloom as faculty and mentor’s. This week was no different. Jitendra Kumar, founder of Loom to Luxury, came all the way from Varanasi to share his experience of building Loom to Luxury […]

Rekindling the dream

While cynics still continue to condescendingly retort handloom as a sunset industry; efforts happening in Maheshwar, a small town of Madhya Pradesh, seem to make a dent on this Que Sera Sera mental model. The story of Manish is a subtle reflection of larger experiment of The Handloom School wherein mentor buyer joins hand with efficient and effective weaver […]