Program Structure

Our approach of learning-by-doing is centered on entrepreneurial education that combines practical study and studio work at the intersection of business, design, technology and communication. This instructional program will give students the necessary tools and techniques to chart new solutions to everyday business practices. The curriculum seeks to provide a seamless integration of traditional practices and cutting edge technology with the objectives of introducing students to four areas of study:

Collectively, these areas of study provide the building blocks for entrepreneurial learning, creativity and design innovation. They integrate strategies for acquiring cultural, technical and team competencies as well as for supporting digital and media literacy.


Program Duration: 12 months, in two distinct parts which include:

  • 5.5 months on-campus Educational Training at THS in Maheshwar, embedded within Two Weeks of Internship in a handloom textile organization
  • Thereafter students remain associated with THS for
    •  Designing and Weaving a designated client collection over a period of 6 months