Program for Young Weavers

The Handloom School’s entrepreneurship program for young handloom weavers  culminates into Certificate in Design and Enterprise Management (C-DEM) with specialization in Handloom. Entire coursework is for 12 months and focuses on skill development in arenas of Design, Communication, Technology and Business Management.

Classroom segment of the program for young handloom weavers is quite rigorous and demanding. The Handloom School’s faculty does extensive use of case studies, movies, simulation games and exercises to explain difficult concepts of design, technology and management in very simple way to its students. Online expert lectures and discussion with domain experts are conducted frequently through Skype and Google hang-outs.

The Handloom School strongly believes in the importance of hands-on practice for this program. Certificate course for young handloom weavers has a major component of field work in the form internship in organizations related to handloom textile.