Phases of Development

The strategic plan for The Handloom School is experimental and aspirational. It reflects what has been learned through our pilot training and outlines projected phases of the school’s development. We are entering the prototypical phase of development for the next three years.

We seek funding to support this phase of the proposal and the activities described under prototype.

Phase 1 

Workshops and short courses were offered over a five-year period in design, photography, fashion, business, technology and spoken english
Outcomes: Several students accepted to NIFT; a few groups formed a business, and interactive design classes took place between India and US universities. 

Phase 2 

Prototype Phase :2015-18
We are currently planning to develop, test and refine the overall program of the school and its curriculum. Anticipated outcomes include a holistic, flexible curriculum; operational criteria and performance standards; and metrics of success.

Phase 3 

Permanent Campus:2017/18
Upon the successful completion the prototype, a more permanent networked learning environment will be established in Maheshwar. Metrics of success will continue to monitor the program and students’ development as the school evolves.

Phase 4 

The long-range plan is to create replicable, networked learning centers in weaving communities across India; permit outreach and distance learning; enable new forms of interaction and foster professional collaboration.